Sunday, August 14

Thursday, June 30

Sunday, June 12

flat does matter

Thanks again Effraim from a sick Jam

FlatMatter jam

Sick edit by james but what else do you expect from this man at the moment. Im even in there for a spit second going backwards as always. Had a great day with the boys. will have a little edit up soon was mostly riding, but got some nice stuff.

Thanks mr FlatMatters for having the jam. Even if you rode in the corner by your self all day.

Friday, May 27

Team Fenix. On point

Forget whatever bad thing you have to say about Flatland or anybody. This is how to do it!

Monday, April 4


I'm a bit late on this one. 
Not normally a fan of Dane's riding but I do love this edit.

Saturday, March 26

love this shit


My younger sister just sent me my birthday present. My new header. Lub you sis

To see more of her stuff     Pippins

I would also Like to say thank you to all the people on Facebook who have sent messages 


SO Sick

Some of you may know I'm a kiwi and I just found this on stuffnz. So funny

Friday, March 18

Brighton JAM Photos

Here's some photo from last weekend. Not very many. I got really in to riding And had a really good time. Thanks to the organisers and the sponsors. I'm looking forward to more jams and comps this year.

TGM in full force.

            New Dad Mr Jay Forde. Well done bro.

                     The very sexy Marcelo Nardi


Young assassin Yinka Thomas Winning longest Hang 5

Beautiful end to a Beautiful Weekend.

Tuesday, March 8

Monday, March 7

Garrett Renynolds

Just saw this on Matthias blog. 
 !MAD! I dont think his bars stop spinning.

P.S I know this is really random but last year I went to New york City and I met Garretts flatmates Sister

You Know Where You Are


Liking The ''M'' Bridge Nice Little Touch. 

At Work WeSC Carnaby St

Thursday, March 3


An old and good friend of mine. Jason Forde has started making T-shirts, and they're looking pretty banging.
I thing I'm going to pick one up when I see this man next and for £15 its a BARGAIN

Wednesday, March 2

I have been on a couple of critical masses and have seen some cars and bikes fighting bar end in in the door that kind of thing, but this is some thing new.

critical mass has too do with our freedom to cycle and we must hold on to that. hope all who were in involved heal fast.

feel the pulse 

Thursday, February 24

To my DubStep & Drum'n'Bass Bread Bins.

I recently saw this thread on global, and it made me giggle.


I'm not having a digg at this guy for not liking drum and bass but .......... I Fucking DO. So here is five of my favourite DUBSTEP and DRUM'N'BASS tuuuuuuuuuuuunes Big up da duty souf! 

His father was a true god. and he didn't do too badly himself 

Not too bad for a white Italian. 

Big up da UK 

So dirty ya mamas crying 

Not bad for alley cat 

love this edit some big skills

Federal BMX - San Diego from Federal BMX on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 27

At the dance sudio

Ok let talk about this edit. first thing you might notice is the quality. I normal use my dads flash canon 5D m2 shoots sexy HD with all the trimming and edit it on his mac with imovie . But this time i just wanted to put up something up fast and simple. Today I had rehearsal for my shows I'm doing with a dance company. witch I'll talk about in a up coming post. All I could use was my girlfriends Samsung thingy camera, her PC and a editing soft wear that I have never used or hear of before because I don't have any camera gear or a laptop to my name. So this edit is about bmx flatland and how my riding is progressing . hope you enjoy  

PS the music in the back ground is benga dairy of an afro warrior

Dont call me dude thats some one who works on a ranch

Saturday, January 15

up late look at all the !!!SKILLS!!!

Phil dolan. cool dude sick sick sick rider. still have my Phil KHE bars.
( don't tell phil but i was 1 when this this went down. sick from day one)

Jason forde. riding with this dude since day one.
 just found this fucking cracks me up. love u bro

One of fav spots in london town. and some mad shit from mr chase gouin

new year with old time's

one of the first time's i saw the big stars up close. wish you were still here

ps sorry about the late post of the year me thorght it was still 2010