Monday, November 29

dont make me get old school


James white on patrol

A police force has been ridiculed for using BMX bikes in a bid to bond with hoodies and 'look cool'.
Leicestershire Constabulary has been accused of 'making a mockery of policing' by using the blue and white bikes, complete with force logos and stunt pegs.
Officers claim the bike, which is designed to be used for tricks and jumps, helps build a rapport with young people and could assist in pursuits through urban back streets.
But the force has been criticised for trying to impress children at skateparks instead of fighting crime and tackling anti-social behaviour.
Roshni Mapara, 21, who has lived in Oadby, Leicester, all her life, said the police were pandering to local youths who had been making residents lives a misery.
She said: 'How on earth can a BMX bike help solve those problems? We have so many hoodies in the area, the last thing we need is an officer trying to look like them.
'Doing wheelies in a skate park to impress kids is hardly helping fight crime.
'There are a lot of problems in the area with local gangs. You see them hanging around on the roads with dogs and it's really frightening.
'I'm often too scared to get out my car and walk into my house because there's a gang of hoodies hanging around. I end up driving round and round until they've gone.

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Thursday, November 25


Year all I can say is wow. Adam is on fire.

my boys in da hood

couple of the boys in here i know and have ridden with many of a random time. nice little edit boy rippen it up good to see

made it up from he.she.they on Vimeo.

east pack are on fire

2 of my far edits this year have come east pack there doing well

Tuesday, November 16

I dont have to say any thing just watch and learn

i feel the pulse strong


I have been riding with Steve Green for a good couple of years now and this dude is one of the safest cats out there, I have seen this dude making his way up from expert class to pro class with his mad list of different decades, whoppers and I still don't get how he does his one foot messiah thing.

so here is a little interview I did with my bro in a car park at 8pm and A vid I made with him about 8 months ago. this man knows how to ride his two wheeler 

Got any nicknames ?
Milky, Smurf and Green

How long have you been riding?
12years on and off

What your favourite riding spot?
TGM baby 

What was your fist ride?
Mongose rouge 97 

Any other rides other then the ladies
LOL just the mountain bike that sits in the garage and my VW

Whats your current set up?

Frame: St Martin Effile

Forks: KHE tantra

Bars: Mountain top fabrication 

Pegs: KHE plastic

Wheels: KHE Geisha set with ti spokes 

Cranks: St Martin holloflat V2

Steam: Zion

Pedals: No idear jayson ford gave them to me

Chainring: KHE don't know had it for ever 

favourite  trick
 G tune messiah 

how do you describe your bmx freestyle 
manically inconsistant 

Famous last words Keep it green, in name, tea, smoke and spot

steve green at tgm from salvador brown on Vimeo.

Monday, November 15

Wow what a day for FLATlinING.

Started the day off with getting my Internet sorted out, then off I went to my friendly neighbour hood bike shop. By friendly (If you know Edwards of Camberwell) you'll know what I mean!
 I spent most of the day sorting out my free-coaster, putting in bearings, driver, axles and just basic new guts; it's now running smooth as can be. Hop 3's won't be so scary. One thing down, now, on to my grips; they were starting to look and feel abit grimey, so I put on some new ones that my bro Jason Forde (father to be, well done bro) had given me. As I started to change my grips I noticed that I had bent my bars some how. Now I would normally just leave 
it until the last moment, so it's an inch from death (like I did with my free-coaster !) but I have a big show on Saturday in front of 2000 people and I don't won't to risk it. So I splashed out on some new bars, some people might be missing out on a Christmas prezzies, but too bad.
So you wonder what bars could I posoble get. I'm going to tell you even if u don't want to know.  If you have ever ridden with me you will know I have given  into the 2pc bar trend, I admit it I'm a seenwhore!

Down to business I went and got my self some SUNDAY tall T bars. 8.7 baby. now things are really going up baby. 
As I  was taking some photos of my new set up to show you guy's, my girlfriend walked in, looked at me .... Called me a prick, turned and ran off to grab her camera....I tried to take a picture as fast as I could  (damn ipone shutter) before she got back to capture my shame :(


Feel the pulse FLATlinING


Well today is a good day for flatlining. I now have Internet at my new flat. Instead of doing posts at work or going to the apple store and using there computers there. I can come home from work sit down on my bed and relax and up load stuff on my blog. I would like to thank the people at the apple store covent garden for helping me spell check and giving me a few pointers along the way 

Love flatlining    Feel the pulse
We got it beating now let's get it thumping

Thursday, November 11


wow what can i say about viki gomez have met this man a couple of time now and every time he has been super cool and just a all round cool guy. and the how this dude is still shredding so hard to tap the world number one spot once more. love love love it 

Viki Gomez luxembourg Part2 from PSYCHOSTUDIO on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 9

Martti Kuoppa the one and only

what can i say about Martti. agen i met this man at the world in 09,we had a big bla bla under some umbrella thing hiding from the rain along with Viki Gomez another one of my top riders i will be doing a right up on soon. talking about KGB and how i bent my 20 million piece bars in a month, his reply was you must ride hard which mad me crack up on the spot. martti had a lot to say about how a lot of riders want ultra light parts but that are as strong as bull. what I'm hoping to see with his new company Jungle rider.
i don't know what video up of martti there are so many grate modern and old videos of him that are so just so god dame good. so I'm going to put up the vid where i first saw martti riding in the flesh

BMX Worlds 07-2009 from Geert Wauters on Vimeo.

Monday, November 8

New circle down under

my bro shane badman at new circle was just in london town and is back of to aus to day really cool to see him. some one else's from the south side of the world big up (Im a kiwi by the way if u did't know).

love what this guy is doing with new circle really nice company cool web page if u need some part you know who to call


Im loving the UK BMX movement at the moment street flat vert race we have it all

Odyssey UK Warren Daniel Edit 2010 from Tonash Goodyear on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 7


Now 2nd on the list we have mr Michael Sommer. have loved this dudes riding since, I saw him at the sprit urban games about 4 years ago (so when i started riding) and then I saw him at the BMX worlds last year wearing a sticker saying "how free is your freestyle" now this is edit is as free as you can gat mr Sommer tearing it up with this edit with a nice little store. I like a good store don't you.

michael sommer - one dude one day from embryonal on Vimeo.

Friday, November 5

My favourite riders

ONE MORE THING.............

some thing new here at FLATlinING every couple of days or so for the next two weeks. I want to up load a vid of my fav riders now lets start


now what can i say about simon. i'm still riding his old signature frame from st martin and yes im in a happy place (bad joke i know but what can i say) he still has on of the most viewed flatland vids EVER just pure ozzy bliss.

Simon O'Brien flatland/ramp edit from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

tie my kangaroo down sport tie my kangaroo sport

eastpak street edit

Love this edit, shot really well some really tecy stuff love it. I can fell pulse

EASTPAK - Bmx team in Milan from AtotheZ on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 4

FLATlinING ExclusivE

just got sent this from my bro maz u see it here first

my resigning for re opening my blog

When i opened this blog i was about 16. now im a bit older 18 so not that much older but i have moved out of my mums and all that getting older crap. i use to come home from school sit on my arse and watch TV. now I don't have a TV well no internet yet but on the 11th of this month i will so none stop blog time. so i now have more motivation to do things like this. well im not as lazy as well.


i have a couple of little things on the way interviews with riders, product reviews and all that blog shit. i hope u like


Monday, November 1


Grand reopning of FLATlinING Bmx the pulse is back
with full repo of
tgms trip to battle in Leicester

The day starts with a bang. Me and Yinka Tomas meet at tgm at about 8to meet Steve Green and Mario Carelse for 830. Yinka gets a call at 8.45
from Mario his face changes within a second. Steve's car has broken
down. We get told to wait at tgm so we wait 9.45 the boys roll up inthe working car (thank god for that) and finally with four bikes, four
bros in a hachback were off to Leicester.

We arrive after a 3 hour journey.... been an hour late Keelan Phillips
event organiser kindly waited for us to arive befor starting the comp.

In amateur we have 6 riders one being our very own Yinka he smashed. landing
him self a cool 1st Place go TGM. thanks to function flatland for
there prizes and all the other riders

1st Yinka
2nd Alex Romain
3rd Stu Mclaren

Now we start to get dirty expert class, now this class was done in
battle format. Once agen we have 6 riders so it started with 3 battles
of 2 riders, then a big fat threesome of a final. I ended up get mached
up with Mario, who I have riden since I started riding and who taught me
many a trick. It was a tough battle. Decades, Boomerangs,
Hitchhikers, and much more was thrown down, but in the end Mario won.

Well done bro..... so Mario advanced to the final along with Andy Wood and ashley adams. Three way final time battle to the death. young Ashley
rocking Time Machines hard fast and long, G-tune, Steamrollers really nice
clean and can see some talant in there but not much else trick wise.
Andy Wood was throwing down some tight rolling links all round nice
stuff. Mario stepped it up for this battle showing off his consistency and
old school flair, which grabbed him a cool 1st place, as well as his first
ever expert win.

Ps Two 1st places for TGM London...... what can I say pure bliss

1st my main man maz
2nd andy wood
3rd ashley adams

You thought Expert was hard core now we're just going plain crazy. Pro
time. 5 riders all have one run, top 3 advance. Steve Green and Lee
Wilson smash it up in there runs. Lee doing his smooth Round the World
crazy shit and Steve spinning on his back wheel like a crazy man...also
landing his first Whopper in a contest. Which I also believe is a first for
UK flatland. But it wasn't enough to beat the skills of James White
Keelan Phillips and Norbert Onodi. Once again we have a three way battle. Norbert Onodi had some nice skills, some real fast Pinkys nice big Switches and it was
cool to see a new rider in pro class. James doing his famous Beoncey booty
wiggle pumping long lines off pure bliss One Hand Whips to Hitchhiker and
Walk Around Deathtrucks, just pure sex on a bike. Kelan.... now normally
I'm not a fan of his riding, technically yes but not the Inertia spark and
fair. This time it was all there Opposite Foot Pedal Hang 5 with his
foot in the frame, Karl Cruiser Bar Flip out and just so much more.
It was such a hard decision James had obviously done a bit of pratice. Kelon was
on fire but the judges had to make a decision (insert dramatic pause)..... a
draw. So that's not a good ending now is it???? so the drama increased.. they got given two options, share 1st and 2nd place prizes or a battle to the death. We
wanted death thay wanted sleep. We came to a decision, who could do the longest
Cliffhanger. It was a fight to the end, James and Keelan playing dirty
but Keelan got the wobbles and slipped out....the look on his face was
pure disappointment. James jumped off his bike happy as a pig in shit
screaming happy no bacon piggy joy. One more for London. Well done to James Mr Level Vibe him self King of the rolling.

1st James White
2nd keelan philips
3rd norbert onodi

Epic day all round sweet time. Mean riding by all. Love that London
had all the top spots. Showing how we roll. Thanks a lot Keelan for
setting up the rock. Thanks to the sponsors Flatland Function, S&M and

P.S FLATlinING exclusive on its way so watch this space