Tuesday, November 9

Martti Kuoppa the one and only

what can i say about Martti. agen i met this man at the world in 09,we had a big bla bla under some umbrella thing hiding from the rain along with Viki Gomez another one of my top riders i will be doing a right up on soon. talking about KGB and how i bent my 20 million piece bars in a month, his reply was you must ride hard which mad me crack up on the spot. martti had a lot to say about how a lot of riders want ultra light parts but that are as strong as bull. what I'm hoping to see with his new company Jungle rider.
i don't know what video up of martti there are so many grate modern and old videos of him that are so just so god dame good. so I'm going to put up the vid where i first saw martti riding in the flesh

BMX Worlds 07-2009 from Geert Wauters on Vimeo.

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