Monday, November 15

Wow what a day for FLATlinING.

Started the day off with getting my Internet sorted out, then off I went to my friendly neighbour hood bike shop. By friendly (If you know Edwards of Camberwell) you'll know what I mean!
 I spent most of the day sorting out my free-coaster, putting in bearings, driver, axles and just basic new guts; it's now running smooth as can be. Hop 3's won't be so scary. One thing down, now, on to my grips; they were starting to look and feel abit grimey, so I put on some new ones that my bro Jason Forde (father to be, well done bro) had given me. As I started to change my grips I noticed that I had bent my bars some how. Now I would normally just leave 
it until the last moment, so it's an inch from death (like I did with my free-coaster !) but I have a big show on Saturday in front of 2000 people and I don't won't to risk it. So I splashed out on some new bars, some people might be missing out on a Christmas prezzies, but too bad.
So you wonder what bars could I posoble get. I'm going to tell you even if u don't want to know.  If you have ever ridden with me you will know I have given  into the 2pc bar trend, I admit it I'm a seenwhore!

Down to business I went and got my self some SUNDAY tall T bars. 8.7 baby. now things are really going up baby. 
As I  was taking some photos of my new set up to show you guy's, my girlfriend walked in, looked at me .... Called me a prick, turned and ran off to grab her camera....I tried to take a picture as fast as I could  (damn ipone shutter) before she got back to capture my shame :(


Feel the pulse FLATlinING

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