Tuesday, November 16


I have been riding with Steve Green for a good couple of years now and this dude is one of the safest cats out there, I have seen this dude making his way up from expert class to pro class with his mad list of different decades, whoppers and I still don't get how he does his one foot messiah thing.

so here is a little interview I did with my bro in a car park at 8pm and A vid I made with him about 8 months ago. this man knows how to ride his two wheeler 

Got any nicknames ?
Milky, Smurf and Green

How long have you been riding?
12years on and off

What your favourite riding spot?
TGM baby 

What was your fist ride?
Mongose rouge 97 

Any other rides other then the ladies
LOL just the mountain bike that sits in the garage and my VW

Whats your current set up?

Frame: St Martin Effile

Forks: KHE tantra

Bars: Mountain top fabrication 

Pegs: KHE plastic

Wheels: KHE Geisha set with ti spokes 

Cranks: St Martin holloflat V2

Steam: Zion

Pedals: No idear jayson ford gave them to me

Chainring: KHE don't know had it for ever 

favourite  trick
 G tune messiah 

how do you describe your bmx freestyle 
manically inconsistant 

Famous last words Keep it green, in name, tea, smoke and spot

steve green at tgm from salvador brown on Vimeo.

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