Monday, November 29


James white on patrol

A police force has been ridiculed for using BMX bikes in a bid to bond with hoodies and 'look cool'.
Leicestershire Constabulary has been accused of 'making a mockery of policing' by using the blue and white bikes, complete with force logos and stunt pegs.
Officers claim the bike, which is designed to be used for tricks and jumps, helps build a rapport with young people and could assist in pursuits through urban back streets.
But the force has been criticised for trying to impress children at skateparks instead of fighting crime and tackling anti-social behaviour.
Roshni Mapara, 21, who has lived in Oadby, Leicester, all her life, said the police were pandering to local youths who had been making residents lives a misery.
She said: 'How on earth can a BMX bike help solve those problems? We have so many hoodies in the area, the last thing we need is an officer trying to look like them.
'Doing wheelies in a skate park to impress kids is hardly helping fight crime.
'There are a lot of problems in the area with local gangs. You see them hanging around on the roads with dogs and it's really frightening.
'I'm often too scared to get out my car and walk into my house because there's a gang of hoodies hanging around. I end up driving round and round until they've gone.

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